Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter Game for the Playstation 2 Game Console

Just like many grand RPG games, the really good ones have a good series. For example, the Final Fantasy has got a lot of games and it is considered to be a series.

Same goes with Kingdom Hearts, another popular game, and it, too, is considered a series. I believe there are already six or seven Kingdom Hearts games that were released.

Capcom has also churned out an RPG game series themselves. This game is the Breath of Fire series and it usually follows the main character, Ryu, doing a variety of things and he is also capable of transforming into a dragon.

In today’s article, I want to talk about the Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter. This Playstation 2 game console exclusive title is not that great, at least, for the gaming authorities but I find that this game is enjoyable.

The setting of the story presents players in a world where it has become desolate and the human populace went underground to survive.

Much like The Hunger Games, there are divisions in the underground where the richest factions are the ones situated in the beginning levels of the underground, while the underprivileged people are submerged into deeper levels.

Then, the story focuses on Ryu as he fights against the government. He is not happy with how the government works. He thinks that instead of upholding this stupid Rank system, humankind should work together to survive; not to further segregate each other.

In order to do something about the world above, the government performed some secret operations on Nina, another major character in the game. After successfully rescuing Nina, Ryu found out that she cannot go deeper into the underground because of the experiments done on her.

At one point, Ryu fought with Bosch, a greedy fellow who wants to use Ryu’s dragon powers in order to increase his rank in the underground.

Bosch was so obsessed with Ryu’s powers of transforming into a dragon that he performed some experiments to himself. After much experimenting, Bosch was able to transform into a dragon himself.

The story then focuses on Ryu and Nina as they journey towards the surface. Of course, it wouldn’t be a great RPG game without Bosch halting their advances.

The Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter is the first ever installment in the franchise that has full 3D graphics.

This is also the first and only Breath of Fire game that allowed players to experience the underground; as opposed to the sunny outer world in previous titles.

The game has the “Scenario Overlay System”: a unique system that can only be unlocked when Ryu and his party achieves a certain D-Ratio. The D-ratio indicates your rank in society.

The Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter also incorporates some Chrono Trigger elements wherein enemies can be seen on screen and you can either attack them or bump into them for the battle to ensue (attacking them gives you a pre-emptive strike).

The battle system is a mix of real-time and turn-based combat as was explained in the latter. When a battle begins, players are then able to play the game as they would be playing a normal, turn-based RPG.

Ryu is able to transform into a dragon. Although he has this power, Ryu can only transform into one kind of Dragon; this is one of the game’s first.

The Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter encourages you to play the game multiple times as this game has multiple endings and there are some scenarios in the game that can only be unlocked by having a certain D-Ratio.

This game is a Playstation 2 exclusive and if you’re a fan of the franchise, the Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter is a good installment.