Mario and Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story Game for the Nintendo DS

Bowser, Mario and Luigi’s long-time nemesis, still doesn’t have a game of his own. You’re probably dreaming of using Bowser, right?

Well, what if I tell you that there is a game where you can play as Bowser? There is and it is available on the Nintendo DS.

The Mario and Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story Game for the Nintendo DS is the third title in the Mario and Luigi series of games and in this game, you can make use of Bowser and his abilities.

The story of the game begins when a mysterious disease has plagued the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom. The leaders of the kingdom wanted a meeting to discuss the matter.

Apparently, the people who suffer from the “Blorb disease” ate what is called a “Blorb Mushroom”. It was also made known that a mysterious salesman was the one responsible for giving out the mushrooms. This mysterious salesman is none other than Fawful.

One day, Bowser went to the Mushroom Kingdom in order to kidnap Princess Peach (like he always does) but was defeated by Mario and Luigi.

After moping because of his defeat, he comes across Fawful and he was given a mushroom that could help him defeat the brothers.

Little did he know that that mushroom was the “Vacuum Shroom” and after eating it, Bowser sucks almost all of the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom and he cannot stop it. After sucking almost everyone, Bowser passes out.

Upon waking up, he notices that there are no inhabitants in the Mushroom Kingdom anymore and Fawful assumed the role as the ruler of the kingdom.

Fawful’s assistant, Midbus, went to Bowser’s castle and assumed the role as the king of the castle as well.

Since Bowser had no memory of what he did, he doesn’t know what to do. Fortunately, Starlow, an inhabitant of the Mushroom Kingdom, acts as the messenger to Bowser.

During the course of the game, Mario and Luigi will be inside Bowser’s body and both of them will help Bowser from the inside. Ultimately, Bowser defeats Fawful and everything went back to normal. Bowser was even rewarded with a cake for his unlikely heroic efforts.

The Mario and Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story Game for the Nintendo DS makes Bowser the hero of the game. This is a turn-based RPG game where you roam around the Mushroom Kingdom and fight against Fawful’s minions.

Sometimes, the game goes back to both of the brothers that will spend most of their time inside Bowser’s body.

The game makes use of the Nintendo DS’ two screens. At the bottom screen is where you will see both of the brothers and the top screen is where you will see Bowser.

The X and Y controls are dedicated to Bowser and the A and B buttons are used to control the brothers.

Bowser deals incredible damage and he can do two attacks: he punches enemies and he can also breathe fire for some AoE damage.

The Mario and Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story Game for the Nintendo DS is a truly remarkable game as it makes use of Mario and Luigi’s long-time rival, Bowser. If you like to play as Bowser, then definitely try out the Mario and Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story Game for the Nintendo DS.

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Game for the Nintendo DS

Castlevania is probably one of the best horror action-adventure games of all time. In fact, it spawned a lot of versions spanning to different consoles.

Today, we are going to talk about the Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Game for the Nintendo DS.

This is the first Castlevania game to truly make use of the Nintendo DS’ online multiplayer feature, but more on this later in the article.

The story starts with two sisters, Stella and Loretta. They went to Dracula’s castle in the hopes of finding their missing father, Eric Lecarde. Upon arrival at the castle, they found their father utterly defeated at Brauner’s Lair (one of the main antagonists of the game).

Apparently, Brauner has been taking charge of the castle due to Dracula’s absence. But in actuality, Brauner put a curse on Dracula so he was unable to move from his throne.

The game then shifts to two of the main characters of the game, Jonathan and Charlotte. Both of them are descendants of the mighty Belmont clan of vampire hunters.

Upon reaching the castle, they were greeted by a figure who calls himself “Wind”. He explains to them that he was already killed but his soul cannot be put to rest until they defeat Dracula.

And so, they ventured forth inside the castle to defeat Dracula and put Wind’s soul to rest.

The Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Game for the Nintendo DS differs from other Castlevania games because most of the time, the one who is dishing the shots is Brauner. Brauner has a special ability of making a magical painting.

Whenever you defeat the stage’s boss, you will then go inside the painting and you will be teleported into a new area, and thus, a new level.

After traversing through many paintings, you came across the sisters and Brauner. Brauner was about to kill both of the sisters when Jonathan and Charlotte came just in time.

Then, things couldn’t be worse as Death, Dracula’s right-hand man, joined the fray. Jonathan and Charlotte told Death that Dracula is bound by Brauner’s curse and that he is sealed in the Throne Room.

Upon hearing the news, Death killed Brauner with his Scythe. Then, he went into the Throne Room to fuse with Dracula and they become one powerful entity. Dracula is, of course, the final boss of the game.

After defeating Dracula (and Death), the game ends with Wind’s soul being put to rest and the four protagonists escape the castle.

The Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Game for the Nintendo DS is a fun game in that you are allowed to play multiplayer games online. If you decide to play online, you can have your friend help you defeat bosses in the “Boss Rush” mode.

The characters that you can choose will depend on where you are in the story mode. Jonathan is wielding the famous Vampire killer whip and Charlotte is a mage which can cast spells to destroy evil beings.

The Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Game for the Nintendo DS is a fun game and one you should try if you have a Nintendo DS.